As we continue to navigate through the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we are canceling this month's 143 party, and beyond until we all are cleared to be together. The decision to cancel was not one we took lightly, but we must prioritize the health and safety of our community, fans, performers, DJs, and our team.

Why did you postpone 143 LA this month?
We made this decision based on what we believe is the best interests of our community and families. 143 means I Love You and we want to make sure we always carry forward an environment built on love and fun. We hope everyone can stay safely home and jam out to our Mixcloud, watch past 143 events on our YouTube, and listen to secret mixes by our in house DJ, Jack Jack, sent out once a month on our mailing list (sign up below).

Will the 143 7 year anniversary happen next month?
At this time, we don’t have additional information beyond the cancellation of this month's 143. We will continue to monitor LA's health and safety information and follow protocols for social gatherings.

But I miss you?
We miss you too. Please donate to local food banks in the LA area with what you may have spent at the event this month. We will also be donating any merch sales that come in while our events are postponed. People in the community need our help right now. Let's be about LOVE.

I have been coming every month for years. What am I supposed to do instead?
Stay home. Call your loved ones. Wash your hands. Wash them again. Find out who took the SOSUPERSAM handle on Tiktok. Dance to our mixes. Send us love notes. Be nice. Be nicer. Read a book. Get some toilet paper. Drink water.

How will I know when 143 is back on?
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